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With increase in global warming every home should have rain water harvesting space which is the most effective way of water conservation with many other advantages as less cost, decreases demand of water from outside, improved ground level water, it does not require a filtration system for landscape irrigation. So it is an excellent source of water for landscape irrigation with no chemicals, dissolved salts and free from all minerals. The easiest way to harvest rain is through a rain barrel (make your own from a large trash can or an old drum) linked to a pipe fitted to collect rainwater from the rooftop and verandah of the house. To prevent the barrel/container from becoming a mosquito breeding ground, fasten a tight-fitting top to it, and screen the ends of the downspouts leading into the barrels. Don’t worry it looks too much to do but let make is easy with us as we have a complete a to z arrangements to install a rain water harvesting plant at your place.