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This is the heart of every home where you get your nourishment and energy so it have to be vibrant and full of colours. This space will have designated storage areas for each type of item. Modular kitchens are often designed and shaped in such a manner so that things can be quickly taken out or stored. Modular kitchens can have different storage options and can have sliding doors, drawers, and trolleys, as well as shelves that are specifically designed for your kitchen. Such kitchens make sure that all your ingredients are easily accessible and can be moved around quickly. We at Sitaramcontructions will fill our heart with below details-

  • Easy to maintain
  • Maximizes Storage Capacity
  • Modular Kitchens Ensure Your Kitchen Times Lessened
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy on budget
  • Durable

Types of Kitchen-

  • L –shaped
  • U shaped
  • Straight Pattern
  • Parallel
  • Outdoor Kitchen