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  • Vertical Gardens/lawns-Vertical gardening is suitable for small spaces where it is alternative method for space decoration, growing plants in vertical pattern. Green walls can absorb heated gas in the air, lower both indoor and outdoor temperature, providing a healthier indoor air quality as well as a more beautiful space which includes two categories of vertical garden indoor and outdoor vertical garden.
  • Artificial Vertical Garden– These gardens gives a fresh look to your space as natural green. It is cost effective and low maintenance garden. It can give fresh look to your balcony, garden, and floors as we walls.
  • Balcony Garden-Transform your balcony with lush garden. By growing on your balcony, you’re beautifying a space that’s otherwise pretty drab. These gardens reduce noise pollution by growing living barricades, Make it harder for pests to reach your garden and Provide a bit of food for yourself and reduce your “food miles”Terrace Garden– If gardening can be one of your hobby then don’t give a second thought and go for it  as it can be a stress buster as well will give a new look to your terrace with fresh herbs and plants. We have huge variety of herbs, plants and techniques to help you create a green space in your terrace.Flowerscaping– Flowerscaping is combining of different variety of flowers creating a spectacular landscape to your lawn, garden, terrace and balcony. Choices are endless to pick from for perennial gardening (Perennials are the come-back stars of the garden, returning each spring after going dormant in winter) or seasonal planting from seasonal flowers to the one which stays year-round.
  • Green Wall/ Green RoofGreen roofs can help regulate a building’s internal temperature, and mitigate the urban heat island effect. Green roofs offer significant economic benefits, including a longer roof life as well heating and cooling energy savings. Green roofs also provide an opportunity for urban food production, and increasing urban biodiversity. If well-designed and cared for, green roofs can offer people the psychological benefits of nature. Green walls (also known as plant walls, living walls or vertical gardens) have become a rising new trend of built environments in recent years. Incorporating living nature into urban environments not only looks much more inviting and refreshing, but also has a number of other benefits and purposes. Whether indoors or outdoors, free-standing or wall-attached, there is a suitable green wall for almost any circumstance.

  • Kitchen Garden– Now days this is one of the most loved and in demand garden as it full fill your kitchen supplies as well give a fresh green look to your space. Kitchen garden are small, attractive and productive, it involves growing fresh, organic vegetables right outside your back door.If you are looking for your own organic herbs, veggies and flowers then this type of gardening is for you.
  • Preserved Moss Wall– As deigning industry is growing so the new concepts and preserved moss is one it and booming for their love of low maintenance unique look. Moss Wall is created within a frame with chemical treated preserved moss, which is first preserved with glycerin and then coated with a colorant of a healthy food grade to maintain its vibrant and natural state.